Sandberg K9 Solutions Services for Detecting Bed Bugs | Eastern, WI



Classroom style lesson plan

The capabilities of the K9 team, bedbug behavior, characteristic and life stages. Evidence of bed bug presence, where to look and what
to do?


Training (hands-on)

Demonstration of the K9 team and explanation of how a search is being conducted.


A. Inspection
     1. Targeted - client feels that      
          property is or could be infected           with bed bugs

     2.  Proactive - preventative
          checkups based on customer's           needs

     3.  Post Treatment - customer
          follow up after treatment

B. Detection - The K9 team will conduct a systematic and complete search of the property using industry guidelines and methods


Consulting: Plan with the customer about a total solution.


Risk Management Plan: Tailored to fit each individual client and situation. 


The plan will feature: 

-Introduction to the bed bugs

-General information

(characteristics and behavior)

-Evidence of bed bug presence

-Bed bug mitigation plan

-K9 inspection maintenance schedule
(frequency dependant on client)