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Sandberg K9 Solutions Services for Detecting Bed Bugs | Eastern, WI


Chester_Bed_Bug_Dog_Green Bay_Inspecting


Classroom style lesson plan

The capabilities of the K9 team, bedbug behavior, characteristic and life stages. Evidence of bed bug presence, where to look and what
to do?


Training (hands-on)

Demonstration of the K9 team and explanation of how a search is being conducted.

Chester_Bed_Bug_Dog_Green Bay_Inspecting


A. Inspection
     1. Targeted - client feels that      
          property is or could be infected           with bed bugs

     2.  Proactive - preventative
          checkups based on customer's           needs

     3.  Post Treatment - customer
          follow up after treatment

B. Detection - The K9 team will conduct a systematic and complete search of the property using industry guidelines and methods

Chester_Bed_Bug_Dog_Green Bay_Inspecting


Consulting: Plan with the customer about a total solution.


Risk Management Plan: Tailored to fit each individual client and situation. 


The plan will feature: 

-Introduction to the bed bugs

-General information

(characteristics and behavior)

-Evidence of bed bug presence

-Bed bug mitigation plan

-K9 inspection maintenance schedule
(frequency dependant on client)

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