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Pre-Inspection Rules for Bed Bug Detection | NE & Eastern Wisconsin


Sandberg K9 Solutions Policy to Protect Chester

  • Please have inspection area accessible & clutter free.​

  • For health and safety reasons of K9 Chester and the accuracy of the inspection, we cannot under any circumstances inspect any area, furniture or structure that has been chemically treated for insects either by a professional or individual within the last 30 days. These chemicals can be extremely toxic to K9 Chester. This includes but not limited to Diatomaceous Earth (DE) or any other concoction. Any DE application must be thoroughly vacuumed twice at least 3 days prior to inspection with a HEPA filter system.

  • Do not use any type of household cleaners or disinfectants for at least 12 hours prior to inspection.

  • Extinguish all smoking materials 3 hours prior to inspection.

  • Dogs must be removed during inspection, cats may be placed in bathroom, cover any bird cage and/or fish tanks.

  • Pet & human food of any sort need to be non-accessible to our dog.

  • Discontinue the use of indoor products used to conceal odor, such as plug-in, air fresheners, candles, incense, etc. for 24 hours before inspection.

  • Avoid using carpet deodorizers these can affect the inspection outcome.

  • Ensure smoke alarm batteries are not “chirping”.

  • Noise and human distraction must be minimized to create the most effective search environment for the dog.

  • To keep our dog focused on the job at hand, no socialization should occur until after the inspection is complete.

  • Our handler may refuse to search a given area if the above steps are not followed or the dog’s safety is at risk.

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